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Artist Club Clothing

My clothing line Artist Club, Artist club is about bringing positivity and support to the art community and comic con community, we don't just make clothes for artists and fans we also support artists via promotion of shows and art, appearances, and social media outreach

Jay peralta 1

Artist Club "Bleed Art" (Artist Alley Edition)

Jay peralta 10

Artist Club "Kanji" (kanji Edition)

Jay peralta 9

Artist Club "Katakana" (katakana editon)

Jay peralta 7

Artist Club "Original"

Jay peralta 2

Artist Club "Be Artist Club" (Vintage Label Edition)

Jay peralta 8

Artist Club "For Artists By Artists (FABA Edition)

Jay peralta 6

Artist Club "Deep Six"

Jay peralta 3

Artist Club "toon" (kids edition)

Jay peralta 4

Artist Club "Cosplay Flag" (cosplay Edition)

Jay peralta 5

Artist Club "familia" (Resistance Edition)